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Stefan Schnabel (1912- 1999) - A Tribute by his Family

This web site is, at this time, only a place holder for more to come.  In the meantime please peruse the pictures below, Stefan's biography, and the credits.  You are welcome to submit any requests for more information by e-mail.

For information on Stefan Schnabel's parents, Artur and Therese Schnabel, or on his brother, Karl Ulrich Schnabel, please click here.


Stefan Schnabel, middle, with his mother, Therese, and brother, Karl Ulrich in the apartment in Berlin, 1916.

Stefan (center) with his mother, Therese Schnabel, and his brother, about 1915, in Berlin, Germany. (Photo archives of the family)

Stefan Schnabel with his father Artur Schnabel in the green room before a performance.

Stefan Schnabel visited by his father, Artur Schnabel, in the green room. (Year and place unknown, photographer unknown)

Stefan Schnabel in 1979. [ Ann Mottier]

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